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Message to Ken Orr

I made a video for Ken "king of the combovers" Orr and his crappy fucken internet site trying to stop women having free and easy access to legal, safe abortions. I'm fucken disgusted and outraged and I think it's time women should fight back. We can't let this stupid old cunt try and take away our rights without putting up a fight!

I'm sick of this kind of shit from these ridiculous lobby groups! It's bad enough with Garth running round like a fucken lunatic - now we've got some old bastard with a manky combover that smells like a bird cage challenging abortion legislation in our courts of law. Fuck you Ken Orr! I posted this video all over the internet and I hope it makes you dribble in your incontinent pants when you get to see it because I think you are a useless, interfering, sad sack of shit who hates women. Kiss my arse Ken!

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