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Why I'm so fucken angry

I despair of society today. I can't believe the appalling attitudes people have to anyone whose different and who doesn't fit into this white middle class view of acceptable behaviour. All I see around me is the utter degradation of the vulnerable, the mentally ill, the disabled or anyone else who just wasn't made to be a "team player".

I have a huge bleeding heart and that's my only fucken flaw. I feel enraged when I see this kind of shit and this fucken garbage. It's all over the internet, on blogs and out there in society and it does affect me. I feel like I carry this huge load of fucken pain on behalf of women like Mrs Folele Muliaga and other people who get walked all over and treated like fucken shit. I find it hard to control my emotions over social injustice and hatred.

Our Police force disgusts me and the aggressive behaviour of groups like The Sensible Sentencing Trust and leave me feeling sad and tragically depressed. I didn't go protesting alone to day. I think it would be foolish of me to turn up and my whanau, as always, are concerned for my personal safety. I'm not afraid to get bashed up by pro lifers but I'm going to have to need some backup to deal with these low life scum who have been allowed to get away with bullying and intimidation to force their evil agenda.

I'm writing to Di Leary today and I have some support from a radical feminist from the UK, which was very encouraging. I have to ignore those who want to drag me down and focus on people who can see through my insanity and appreciate where I'm coming from.

I'm going to find me some radical bitches! I know you're out there somewhere and we're going to stand up to Ken Orr and take back our fucken rights!

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