The only emails I get are from manipulating, lying, misogynist arseholes named robynsodomitesandwiches and jaffapetebutthead. Don't email me anyone or you will be verbally abused and insulted.


The Resurrection!

I've been away for a few weeks and have come back to have a look around at what is going on in the blowjob blogosphere. It seems I've upset a few people which I feel pretty happy about because they are either stupid gossip mongering tarts, ignorant losers or gutter pond scum that usually settles at the bottom of the sewer pipes.

I have come to the conclusion that the fuckwits who dominate the internet are online 24/7, they probably carry a laptop everywhere they go with the internet connection plug permanantly stuffed up their fat arses. This is why everything is so fucken boring, uninteresting and about as flakey as Johntard Key with with a bad case of psoriasis.

Oh, and what's this shit about drinking liberally? I haven't recieved an invitation myself but I might just pop in one day to verbally abuse everyone and blow up their laptops. I bet it's boring too. All the males will be metrosexuals wearing eyeliner and lipgloss and all the women will have platinum blonde hair with boob jobs.

Just so everyone knows what I look like; I have greenish skin, fangs, red bloodshot eyes and my head spins around at random. Be afraid! Very afraid!

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