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Ben Hana: Blanket Man

A couple of members of my whanau visited Wellington City a few weeks ago and came across a fascinating character who likes to be called Brother. He is homeless, only wears a loincloth and a blanket and worships the Maori Sun God - Tama-nui-te-rā. He has several fanclubs, has been in trouble for smoking cannabis and was even put in prison for several weeks after being arrested for the heinous crime of vagrancy.

This is a typical reaction from provincial, middle class New Zealanders who are too fucken lame and pathetic to appreciate or tolerate a little thing called DIVERSITY. Some boring cunt called John McFuckface wants everyone to elect him as The Mayor so that he can rid Wellington City streets of the drunk and homeless and that includes the Blanket Man. I hope this sad sack of shit doesn't get voted in because he sounds like a blowarse.

I love people like Ben Hana, he sounds like a cool dude and I think I'll be making a trip to Wellington soon just to meet him and buy him a packet of smokes.

Kia Kaha E Hoa! Kei Runga Noa Atu!

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