The only emails I get are from manipulating, lying, misogynist arseholes named robynsodomitesandwiches and jaffapetebutthead. Don't email me anyone or you will be verbally abused and insulted.


Gems from youtube

"Women have been putting up with anti-choice activists harassing them, threatening them, abusing them, and killing their doctors for years. But one video sends those same people to the police. Go figure."

"This video is awesome people out there aren't stupid they know their choices it is New Zealand remember. Its hard enough trying to make the abortion decision but once done its done it doesnt need to be rubbed in young girls faces what they have chosen whether it is for the mother or childs wellbeing. why let people suffer or let them create another who is going to suffer KEN ORR FUCK YOU!!!!"

"thanks NZherald for the heads up on this video.
Pretty in your face, but at least this pro-life dude whoever he is is paying attention. Sometimes you need to be extreme to get peoples attention especially those who are "blinkered". The moment the 3 letter G word is mentioned in this topic I switch off, I will listen to the views of others if they happen to be pro-life but say that three letter and any valid arguments they have become irrational..."

"Anti-abortionists have to lie because their viewpoint isn't based on facts it's based on their religions and emotions."

"funny how these pro-lifers are always dudes... probably another Graham Capill brewing."

"Standing OVATION - BRAVO !!!!" rebel radius

Welcome Aboard Racist Rabbit Fuckers!


Anonymous said...

Rebel radius is the one who complained about the black and white scarves. She is mad as a cut snake, and wants Muslims thrown out of the country...

Faye said...

Yes I know, she sounds like a nutter and I like nutters. Hopefully we'll become close friends.

Lucyna Maria said...

More pro-lifers are women than men. I became pro-life by debating abortion. Especially when I found that I could not justify an arbitrary line where on one side the baby can be killed and on the other side the baby lives. Once you allow a line, then that line can be moved in a direction you don't expect ie the Holocaust.

Faye said...

This is bullshit Lucyana. There is no fucken debate. If a woman wants an abortion it's her business, not yours!

Get your nose out of other people's sex lives. If you don't like abortions, don't fucken have one.