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Kia Kaha Wahine!

I was outraged to find this little news article in The Herald a few days ago. Some people may find this hilarious and think it's cute and funny but it's not! It's the media partaking in a form of cultural genocide and posting the full name of a mentally ill woman who deserves our care and protection is beyond disgusting.

I'm not posting this to make fun of you Wahine! I want people to know what they are trying to do to you and your people. You don't deserve to be treated like this and in my opinion, if you're happy smoking some low grade cannabis then you go for it babe! I'm sending this article to The Human Right's Commission on your behalf my precious darling.

Kia Kaha Wahine!!!


Barnsley Bill said...

Should we only name honky criminals in your brave new world Ruth?
Surely you can find something more important than a pot smoker to get excited about?

George said...

It's disgusting that they are subjecting someone already dealing with issues to prosecution, and they're the ones that should be on trial, certainly. But I'm not sure I get the bit about cultural genocide, Faye. In my experience, cannabis is part of a global culture, enjoyed equally in Aotearoa, Africa, the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

Faye said...

Thanks george, a mentally ill woman in hospital should be protected, not arrested, charged and have her full name printed in the newspaper for everyone to laugh at.

Wrong, so wrong.