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Ken Orr belongs in the gutter

Well, I've got two more newspaper articles under my belt, one on and one in The Herald. I've found all sorts of hateful shit from fucken bible bashers too and I stumbled upon this underhanded attack on an individual who had nothing whatsoever to do with the making of my prochoicenz propaganda video.

I'd also like to inform everyone that last night someone from christian news dot scum dot com contacted me pretending to be a journalist from Radio NZ and practically begged me for my private phone number and contact details. In the interests of public safety, when a real journalist contacts you, they provide their full contact details and you can look them up online to see if they are genuine before you answer any of their questions.

These are the kind of people we are dealing with here. They make out that they are pillars of society and behave like gutter snipes behind people's backs. If everyone sits around and puts up with these evil agents of terror we'll have a fucken war on our hands.

Fight dem back!


Anonymous said...

Fab coverage.
Thanks for that.
You made him look rational and reasonable and the anti abortion movement look violent and abusive.

Well done.

The unborn children of NZ thank you.

Faye said...

I've been sitting here waiting patiently for one of you sick fucks to get up the guts to visit my blog.

Thanks for dropping by. I hope you enjoyed your visit.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, whatever Faye.

You need to go and get a real life like the rest of us you waste of space.

Hate and anger is not a reason d'etre.Wake up.

I have no doubt in 10 -15 years you will look back on your sad little life and wonder what the hell was I thinking blogging like this.

Anonymous said...

come on - approve.
What the fuck are you doing moderating your comments anyway. It's not like you get many or you are sensitive like Maia.

Anonymous said...

It's true. People see what they want to see. When I read that coverage I saw the anti abortioners as ridiculous as ever and you were just pointing that out.

Faye said...

Haven't you got something better to do rebel radius?

Faye said...

The anti abortionists are bullies. Anyone who speaks out against them gets slammed with lawsuits because they have connnections to rich white bible bashing scum. The video wasn't that bad in my opinion and the people who don't like it are just being stuffy and conservative.

We must stop pro lifers before they start bombing abortion clinics.