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Trinny and Susannah: Help Helen!!!

Helen, I love you just way you are darling but I think you need a makeover for this year's election. I've sent telepathic messages to Trinny and Susannah and told them to come to NZ and help you out. You've got the brains, the looks and the bod Helen and I know Trinny and Susannah can make you look like a million fucken dollars.

I know it goes against your moral principals Helen, it's obscene the amount of money some people will spend on clothes but you have to do it! You've got a lot of supporters out there but you need to appeal to Mr and Mrs Dimwit - the undecided voters who don't realise that Johntard is actually an evil agent of right wing extremism who wants to create a paradise for white folks.

For the sake of our fair nation and the safety of our diverse peoples, I'm begging you Helen; Get a Makeover!!!

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