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A lesson in decent fucken behaviour

I've been thinking about this young woman for a few weeks now. Last month a group of idiot so called "men" thought it would be fun to subject her to their vile verbal sexual abuse and she reacted by stripping off all her clothing in public and ended up in a mental ward. The thing that really grinds my undies is that she was arrested by the fucken filth and told off for causing a public nuisance.

I'm sick and tired of kiwi men acting like fucken pigs! They get together in large groups and think it's funny and cute to make crude unwwanted remarks to any woman who has the misfortune to walk past them. When they target women who have a mental illness or have been sexually abused in the past it can have serious consequences.

This behaviour is not fucken funny, it's a form of gang rape and I've decided that if I see any women being sexually harrassed and abused in public, then these cunts are going to cop an eyeful of my saggy boobs.

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