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Helen Haters eat shit and die

It was all over the Blowjob Blogosphere this week. PM's blocking of disabled carpark 'unacceptable" screamed the headlines, trying desperately to paint Helen Clark as a cold uncaring person who doesn't give a shit about the elderly. It's pure fucken garbage of course, Helen was horrified and has demanded an explanation because it was our bully boys in blue who caused all this crap in the first place.

Helen is also out there helping out an elderly woman who had her mouth taped with duct tape by a caregiver in a rest home. This is utterly fucken disgusting and a breach of this woman's human rights to be treated with dignity and respect. The caregiver has been sacked and I hope they are never allowed to work with vulnerable people ever again.

It's fucken sickening.


Leg Break said...

Oh come on Faye,

That mad old bat getting taped up in the Old Persons’ home was bloody funny.

Are we not allowed to have a little laugh any more?

Faye said...

I don't find it funny because this is what will probably happen to me when I get old. People won't be able to cope hearing fuck you! whore! fuck you! cunt! fuck you! motherfucker! fuck you! slut! over and over again. It would drive them insane.

Leg Break said...

Not sure they’d bother gagging you Faye.

They may just slip something into your steak and chips.

Faye said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm morphine...