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Another message for Ken

I left this sign for Ken Orr on the fence outside the Women's Hospital in Claude Road because I didn't get to the hospital until later in the day and they only protest in the mornings. It was a good thing really as I was so enraged yesterday I would have definately been arrested had I encountered them.

The abortion clinic itself is now situated in a secure unit within the hospital to protect female patients from harrassment. It used to be in a separate building and women going for abortions were made to face a gaunlet of aggresive pro life protestors on a daily basis, so I'm pleased that has changed. I spoke to a few people around the hospital and their opinion of Ken Orr and his shitty group was the same as mine. A group of young people called them a "pack of stupid old bastards".

I'm not sure exactly where they hang out but it's around the front of the hospital on the main road so next week I'll have to go early so I can find where they are. I'm making a CD for next weeks counter attack which will feature my new theme song for the pro choice movement - "We're not gonna take it" and the "Vagina" song by the Bloodhound Gang.

I hope they fucken enjoy it.

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