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Ken Orr shits his undies

Hooray! I've made news headlines and upset Ken "king of the comb overs" Orr and his retarded lobby group with my offensive video message. Ken says he's "sickened" and is considering laying a complaint to the police.

Ken and his sick friends will have downloaded the video and watched it a thousand times over meetings with cups of tea and fairy bread. It’s about time someone put a fire cracker up this stupid old cunt's fucken arse. I was tempted to send him an abusive email with a link to my blog but he’d probably have a heart attack and die and then I’d be sent to prison and be called a hero for the women’s movement. So I just emailed him the lyrics instead.

I’m doing a drive by today on Kenn's merry band of filthy liars and bible bashers and I hope I find them outside the Women's Clinic in Greenlane. I'm going to bling my car and hopefully it will attract some attention before I get pulled over by the filthy pigs. Maybe other women will be encouraged to activate and put this freak of human nature back in his rightful fucken place? I might even take some photographs of my delicious "seditious" activities and post them on my bloggy blog tomorrow.

Ken hasn't heard the last from me, not by a long shot.

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