The only emails I get are from manipulating, lying, misogynist arseholes named robynsodomitesandwiches and jaffapetebutthead. Don't email me anyone or you will be verbally abused and insulted.


It's time for me to duck for cover

I've had a few threats sent my way this week and have received another one today:

"See you on Wednesday Bitch"

I've had a pretty tough week and have suffered a barrage of attacks from both the right and left wing, mainly men but there's a group of women involved as well. There's been a few dirty, sneaky tricks but what's really made me snap though are the threats of gang rape and other sexual violence. My ISP is being "truncated" from a variety of sites. I don't really know what it means but I don't think it's a good thing. All I'm waiting for next is some lunatic to trace my real name and address so I've decided to shut up shop and fade quietly into the background.

I'm sure there would be a huge uproar if this kind of shit happened to those nice polite lady bloggers, but this is quite acceptable behaviour when it comes to an angry woman with a strong opinion and a wicked sense of humour. I'm pretty stunned at the reaction to my silly blogs taking the piss out of the boredom that is the blowjob blogosphere but that's the way it swings.


illuminatedtiger said...

There is very little they can find out about you Faye since all they'll have at most is your email address and possibly your IP address if you've posted at one of the nastier blogs. That's all they've got on you and I think the rest is just someone pulling your leg. Ignore those wankers, get together a group of people and make your voices heard on Wednesday. They'll never know what hit them when they see a group of angry placard waving feminists protesting outside Greenlane!

Yes there would be an outrage if this were happening to one of their "chosen" female bloggers but ask yourself who the outrage would be coming from; a group of fascist white men who want to take away your choices and freedoms replacing them with hard right free market fascism who will trample and shit on anyone (workers, the poor, children) who doesn't meet their own narrow agenda. That Faye is what your "Blowjob Blogosphere" represents, and that ladies and gentlemen is why I don't want to see the scourge of National or ACT anywhere near power!

Julie said...

I'm not sure if writing this comment is a good idea, but here goes.

You've linked to a thread at The Hand Mirror about the fact that I turned on comment moderation there for a while. This was specifically in response to some abusive comments that were being made. I allowed non-abusive comments through, and continue to do so, as do the others on the blog. I've also, personally, had an email conversation with two non-THM bloggers about whether or not you are a troll, and THM writers have had a private email conversation about it also.

I'm not sure how this constitutes involvement in threats that you have received, as you claim in your comment. I don't condone any threats you have received, haven't encouraged anyone to make any, and reckon threats have no place in blogging.

Whether you are genuine or not, I'm still undecided. After all I'm imaginary too. Other than deleting abusive comments you made on THM (note: NOT banning you) I've done nothing to silence you at all.

Heine said...

And that is why illuminatedtiger is so far removed from reality.

Lets be honest, you are always going to get hostile responses from people. It all depends on what you dish out. I'm not saying its ok that you get abuse, but you got to remember if you call people names you cannot seriously expect people to sit back and let it roll.

Keep blogging and dont let anybody tell you otherwise. I don't agree with you but I would tell anybody who listened that you had the right to blog. I'm not exactly sure what you stand for though!

Faye said...

I like illuminatedtiger but I'm not keen on you heine and the guys you hang out with. Humour and insults are fine, threats of gang rape and mind games are not. In my opinion your friends have crossed the line and I can't be bothered with them any more.