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How Great Thou Art

I love Helen Clark and I think she's an example of amazing womenhood. I sent her an email last week of praise and support and she replied personally. It's got her signature on it too so I'm going to frame it and hang it on the wall.

I'm sick of all the arseholes who run Helen down. She's been the first elected female Prime Minister for the last 9 years so I know she's doing something right. I think Helen's awesome and I like her dry sense of humour and down to earth manner. I feel safe with Helen Clark because I know she always looks out for the underdog.

Helen Clark ROCKS!


Barnsley Bill said...

But yet the majority of voters currently think she is toast!
Explain that. Your gushing praise for clarkula Leads mew to believe you might be a Tizard? Any comment?

Faye said...

I'm not speaking to Barnfed Bill at the moment, but I do have a message for him:

Anonymous said...

How much is she paying you? Yes, your praise is gushing indeed...of course Helen replied to you, why wouldn't she? Chow!

Faye said...

Helen doesn't have to pay me anything. I worship the ground she walks on and she even bothers to take time out of her busy day to respond to her loyal voters. What an amazing woman!