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Johntard Key strikes again

I was mortified to recieve a navy blue leaflet type survey in my mail box from the Fascist Party last week. My first reaction was to fly down to Wellington, smother it with hot chilli sauce and ram it right up Johntard's flabby arse. However, I resisted my violent urges, ripped it into tiny pieces and flushed it down the toilet instead.

Johntard is allowed to get away with this shit and has directed head rent boy, Bill English to lay several complaints with the Pigs over what they consider breaches of the Electoral Finance Bill. What a bunch of fucken hypocrites! Johntard is using bullying tactics in his dream to become NZs first fascist dictator and turn state house areas into concentration camps.

Over my dead body Johntard - you fucken asshole!


Rebel Radius said...

Who is the fascist?

Anti-Smacking Bill
Electoral Finance Bill
Kyoto Agreement
Part Pill Ban
Incandescent light bulb Ban
Cell Phones in Cars Ban

Anonymous said...

Ah, that would be Labour.

Faye said...

Whose the fascist?

Smacking little kids
Huge donations to fascist right wing political parties from fascist bible bashers
Who cares
Blame Jim Anderton for this one
Save the environment
People can't possible drive safely while texting and driving. It's sheer idiocy.

You want personal freedom but so does everyone else. Get with the programme! You're not the only who lives on this fucken planet.