The only emails I get are from manipulating, lying, misogynist arseholes named robynsodomitesandwiches and jaffapetebutthead. Don't email me anyone or you will be verbally abused and insulted.


My Action Plan

I'm emailing women's centres in Auckland looking for some radicals to join up with me. I have a small group of supporters, mainly young women, but they are too busy working and studying to join me in a protest. They loved the video and were as pleased as I was to see it upset Ken.

My aim is to be a real fucken pain in the arse and make these bastards go away. These people are awful and very aggressive and they have been allowed to carry on like this unchallenged. I won't be doing anything unlawful. I plan to play some loud music and hold up signs that they will find deeply offensive.

My youtube video has had several comments and I've deleted and banned the pro lifer windbags because they totally dominate these debates and won't listen to reason. I was sent 5 horrible pictures of dead feotuses yesterday and told that I need to turn to The Lord. There was also a video response titled "Thanks Ken" so I deleted that as well. I didn't bother watching it.

I don't think I'll be turning to Jesus anytime soon arseholes


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