The only emails I get are from manipulating, lying, misogynist arseholes named robynsodomitesandwiches and jaffapetebutthead. Don't email me anyone or you will be verbally abused and insulted.


Show some fucken respect

This is David Fatarse Farrar. He's one of the filthy scumbags who make fun of Mrs Folele Muliaga - a vulnerable victim who was murdered by Mercury Energy over an unpaid power bill. Mrs Muliaga was a beautiful person and she doesn't deserve to be held up for ridicule and scorn by sick cunts like Fatarse Farrar.

Fatarse Farrar belongs to an evil clan of vile shitbags who reside at the top of the blowjob blogosphere. I'm banned from all of their sites because they don't like my opinions. As far as I'm concerned these people are the scum of the earth and if I ever see Fatarse Farrar in public, I wouldn't mind getting arrested for spitting in his fat fucken face.


Whaleoil said...

Why don't you tell the truth. You aren't banned from my blog and the only way you'd ever be banned to to tell outright lies about me or threaten my family.

You are really quite pathetic!

BTW we don't attack Folole Muliaga we attack the scumbag politician who milked her tragic death for his own purposes and continues to milk it instead of owning up to the fact that this poor woman essentially died through no ones fault except her own because she continued to ingest far too many calories for the energy that she expended.

Faye said...

I don't give a shit what you think of me Camoron and I don't accept your lame excuses for your disgraceful attacks on the Muliaga family.

You and your fatarse friend are both obese, you are cruel and heartless and you owe the Muliaga family a public apology and a cash cheque for $10,000.

I can't even join your shit site, let alone post on it. You ran away from me when I joined your facebook group because you're a coward who likes to torment vulnerable people who work their arses off for $12 per hour rather than take on a bitch like me.

Heine said...

What a complete liar.

You are not banned from my blog either.

We never made fun of her either, but we declared open season on the people who used her death for their own selfish means. Maybe you should start slandering people like Brenden Sheehan and get your facts right while you're at it.

Faye said...

If you want to pick on Brenden Sheenen then do so. There is ample evidence of your disgusting treatment of Mrs Muliaga all over the internet so don't bother calling me a liar. It just makes you both look like complete idiots.

Stop picking on the Muliaga family and calling their dead wife and mother "Fololobese". You should be fucken ashamed of yourselves. A decent person would front up and apologise, not hide behind big blowarses like Camoron and Fatarse Farrar.

The Muliaga's haven't "milked" anything or even received compensation. They didn't even want an inquest or a police investigation and they don't deserve shit from the likes of you.

Show some fucken respect!

Whaleoil said...

and still you lie...for someone who can't join my site you still managed to post two comments.

There is no-one more cowardly that someone who hides behind a mask....or perhaps you are doing us all a favour by not scaring us.

I owe the immense Muliaga nothing but the truth.

I'll take on a bitch like you any day of the week. You are full of piss and wind with all the intellectual horsepower of hamster.

You're not clever you're stupid and probably ugly to boot.

Faye said...

Let me get a few things straight -

1)You're proud of tormenting Mrs Muliaga

2)You pick on 15 year old boys and phtoshop them onto gay porn

3)You're a dodgy businessman

4)You've posted porn pictures of dejected, drug addicted women holding guns alongside pictures of your children

5)You call any woman you don't like stupid, fat and ugly and threaten them with all manner of vile attacks

6) You've lost advertising because serious businesses don't want to be associated with your filthy fucken site

7) You're a Christian? and you're an anti abortionist?

You're a real fucken prize Camoron. If I see you in public I just won't be able to control my violent impulses.

This is a promise, not a threat -nutbars like me have nothing to lose.

Whaleoil said...

Wow quaking in my boots, threatened by a mad dyke whose idea of fun is to photoshop my head onto gay porn and email it to me....real gay porn...

Suggest you make an appointment with your shrink you are in serious danger of a meltdown.

I'll answer your statements of bullshit with some plain facts since you appear to be very dim.

1. I haven't tormented Mrs Muliaga, she is dead, it is a little hard. The person I tormented and proudly so was Brenden Sheehan who used her death to promote his political career, a career I stopped in its tracks.
2.I never did that and challenge you to prove it. Repeating smears from nutbars like you is a joke without the proof.
3.No I'm not, again try and prove that. The facts demonstrably do not ber out your contention.
4. You have no evidence that they are drug addicted again a baseless smear.
5.I have never threatened any woman with a vile attack. By and large any woman who attracts comments from me is, like you fat and ugly and stupid viz a viz I tell the truth.
6. No I haven't again a baseless smear without foundation but hey don't let facts get in the way of you rantings.
7.Yeah...last I checked it was a free world so what.

Grow up.

Juana said...

WOW you are one angry woman. I suspect you feel that the whole world is against you.
Yes it is not nice to make fun of a person for being fat. It is also not nice to use a tragedy for political gain.
Turning off the power does not make the company a murderer. The lady in question was dying as backed up by the medical experts at the trial. The only way for her to live was to stop eating too much and to start dieting and exercising.No one likes to blame someone for their own death but if a person for example continues to drive drunk they will eventually kill themselves as a consequence and it would not be fair to blame the man who built the wall that they crashed into.
I am married to Whaleoil and he is not fat.He is solid muscle as he trains 2 hours, 3 days a week at the gym. He doesn't hit women so if you ever felt the need to attack him I am afraid you would get some girl on girl action ( right up your street I know ;) as I would feel obliged to step in.
I hope you lose some of that anger and enjoy the love of a good woman.
Life is too short to be so angry.
I too am pro life because I value life.I value your life and will defend to the death your right to hold your views, to love some one of the same sex and to do with your body whatever you choose. A child in your womb however is not yours. Children are not chattels, we as mothers do not own them and we certainly do not have the right to kill them.I am a feminist.My job is to protect the weak and the vulnerable. That to me is a STRONG woman. One who takes the consequences of her actions.

Faye said...

"I am married to Whaleoil"

How fucken sad for you

"I am afraid you would get some girl on girl action"

Sounds like fun! Don't wax darling - I like mine hairy!

Juana said...

ahhhh the joy of not having to shave, a definate plus for batting for the other side.
I think however that I would be a lipstick lesbian.
The other great thing about having a woman for your life partner has to be how thoughtful women can be.You say" God I could kill for a cup of tea " and one magically appears. With a man the rules are different. hints don't work. Instead I say, " Whaleoil would you please go get me a cup of tea? " When he says " sure " and keeps typing at the computer I then need to add, " Now! " heh heh

Faye said...

It's nice for mindless, selfish, spoilt bimbettes like Juana, who can afford computers and the interent and use it as a platform to make fun of poor and vulnerable women.

People like the Muliaga's don't have computers in their homes and they'd be bloody lucky to be able to afford D Grade beef mince for their dinner. Their children don't like eating cheap, rotting fruit and vegetables infested with fruit flies so their parents resort to feeding them up on $1 soft drinks and snacks. Stupid people don't bother thinking about this shit and prefer to blame victims of poverty for their health problems.

It's about time for afternoon tea, Juana so I suggest you get your man thing to wip you up an organic smoked salmon and feta frittata.

Juana said...

What a load of bollacks.
My Mum had very little money and we wore hand me downs and she bought cracked eggs from the farm to save money and bought a whole side of mutton and cut it up herself and minced part of it then froze it. She cut the rotten bits out of fruit and ensured that we children were well fed. She didn't feed us crap even though crap was cheaper.We snacked on carrots and celery not salty chips. We drank WATER from the tap NOT soft drinks.
She made our lunches. I had a thermos with home made fish eye soup ( nothing was wasted) and a plain bun. The other kids said eeeewwww the smell, I said yum and loved it.
It is so simplistic to say rich people bad, poor people good.
There are good and bad parents with and without money. Being poor does not automatically free you from all responsibility to provide the necessities of life for your children.If I was obese and fed my children crap you would blame me ( and quite rightly too )for my situation but if I was poor you would automatically be singing saint Juana, poor thing had to feed her kids crap.

What a load of big hairy boollacks.

Anonymous said...

Cameron, on the day you released that disgraceful image of James Sleep I had your site ghosted. The image along with however many vile posts the spider picked up on are sitting here on my hard drive.

Should the need ever arise I have no problem in forwarding the offending image along.

Faye said...

juana, I don't give a fuck if you once lived in a cardboard box in the middle of the road and walked a thousand miles to school each day in the snow with no shoes. I don't respect you or admire you in any way and I think you're a bunch of sick fucks.

No decent mother would ever allow her husband to post pictures of their poor innocent children on his trashy fucken site full of slutty porn and hate speech. Or support a man who posts unwanted sexualised images of 15 year old boys. (James Sleep)

The sad thing is though, that the Muliaga family would forgive you for your disgraceful behaviour but I won't becuse you are utterly perverted and warped.

Juana said...


I get told off for having a computer while a poor family don't yet you have a computer and that is OK.
My husband posts his views on his site and I am told off for his choices.
You swear and abuse people on your site and send my husband an image of two men having sex ( graphic ) with his face photo shopped on one of their bodies and that is OK.
Women in glass houses should not throw stones methinks.
Your site is full of objectionable images and language but it is your site and you have freedom of speech. As far as I am concerned you " go girl " I feel the same way about Whaleoil. His site, his freedom of speech.
You don't have to visit his site to be offended any more than I have to visit your site to be abused. It is like T.V. If you don't like what is on change the channel or turn it off.

Faye said...

Diddums you fucken bitch.

I demand a public apology from Fatarse Farrar and Camoron and a genorous cash donation to the Muliaga family with no strings attatched.

I also demand a public apology for your atrocious attack on James Sleep who was 15 years old when you photoshopped his image onto some gay porn and published it on your fascist and racist hate site.

I'm not fucking joking about this shit and I don't see why you should get away with it. You are nothing but bullies, cowards and sexual deviants and I think you need a lesson or two on how to behave like decent human beings.

Anonymous said...

I'll be more than happy to release the image to the media should the situation warrant.

Faye said...

anonymous, I'm not letting this shit slide and I'm seriously concerned about the welfare of the children in their care. I'll be writing to CYFS, if you want me to include some kind of link or information about that horrible picture in my complaint please let James know that he can trust me.

Heine said...

Somebody has stopped taking their pills.

I think this is a joke site, who is going to own up and admit they are Faye?

Faye said...

This site is not a joke and neither am I. You just don't understand because you're mindless idiots and you don't think. I think my blog is choice and I don't give a fuck about your blowjob blogosphere. This blog is for me anyway not you cunts.

I am not crusader rabbit.