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Ken Orr calls in the Filth

I was informed by a journalist last night that Ken "king of the comb overs" Orr has laid a complaint with the Po Po and that she is writing an article about it all which should turn up on in a couple of days. I hope the article will be amusing because I have described myself as a deranged, disordered freedom fighter for Women's Rights.

I know what's going to happen next! A dozen violent gang members will storm my street and cordone of all areas. They'll kick down my door, pepper spray and beat me and then strip search me without a female officer present. When they've finished working me over they will destroy my computer and home searching for pictures of guns and then drag me out to their death mobile in front of all the neighbours and throw me in one of their dangerous prison cells.

This is pretty rich coming from Ken and his psychotic bible bashing mates, who trot around town calling the gay community sodomites and sending religious material to NZ schools promoting the "theory" of "intelligent design". He can't handle anyone else having the right to Freedom of Speech and has complained to the Press Council in the past because a journalist said something that offended his sensibilities.

You can kiss my fucken arse Ken Orr! I'm prepared to spend the rest of my life in prison if it means you keep your fucken ugly arse away from women's rights to legal, safe abortions in Aotearoa New Zealand. Die Ken Die!

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