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Filthy pervert applies for parole

Convicted pedophile and sexually perverted bible basher AKA Graham Capill has applied to the parole board for an early release from his prison sentence so that this sick fuck can attend an alternative treatment programme for sex offenders. The parole board have denied his application.

This is a fucken insult to the young victims of Graham's evil deeds! Surely Graham should serve every minute of his sentence - he doesn't deserve parole because he's not sorry for what he's done at all and has made sick attempts in the past to justify his violent assaults via email.

The really fucken sad thing is that he still has friends and his stupid fucken wife still supports him. Quite frankly, I'd be more than happy to send him back to the arms of Jesus but I'm just not that way inclined...

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Darren Rickard said...

This sick individual should have had a longer sentence. What he did was some of the worst offending an individual can do to someone else.

If he believes in his own religious dogma, he is going to burn in hell for the rest of his days.

He deserves to.